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Last update: 16-06-2020
If you think you might be pregnant, take our free online pregnancy test - Am I Pregnant Quiz. Get your answer right now and what to do next

Have you recently noticed changes in your body that make you suspect you’re pregnant? If you don’t have any flow or strip home pregnancy tests on hand, don’t despair. Answer the following 15 questions to get your answer.

There is a lot of skepticism today about the accuracy of online pregnancy tests. However, according to an anonymous questionnaire, this test has shown results of 91% accuracy because it is based on the common early pregnancy symptoms that most women experience. These are also questions that your gynecologist will ask when you schedule an appointment.

In just a few minutes, our Am I Pregnant Quiz will reveal whether or not you’re going to become a mother. Any woman can get the result of the test absolutely free, without registration or SMS sending.

1. Have your food preferences or appetite changed?
2. Have you experienced severe stress or serious illness recently?
3. Have you experienced any recent mood swings?
4. What kind of contraception have you been using during the last couple of months?
5. Do you often have headaches or dizziness?
6. Do you suffer from spasms, heaviness in the lower abdomen or uneasiness while you’re sitting?
7. Have you noticed the following symptoms: increased sensitivity or tenderness of your breasts, darkening of your areoles or yellowish discharge from your breasts?
8. Do you suffer from periodic nausea and/or vomiting?
9. Have you been peeing more often recently?
10. Do some odors seem annoying or unpleasant to you?
11. Are you suffering from lower back pain?
12. Did you have short-term bloody vaginal discharge?
13. Have you felt energetic lately?
14. Is your period late?
15. Have your measurements or weight changed in the last few weeks?